self-checking & operational quality management 

TRAceability - HACCP - QUALITy



EEZYTRACE is a daily self-checking application, designed for team members on site, in restaurants or stores. 

Quarterly audits are necessary, but have not yet made the food environment sufficiently safe and do not respond to current food safety challenges. Sanitary crises are regular and knock down companies each year.  

Then, what happen between two audits?  

The ultimate goal of self-checking processes is to provide best quality and safest products to your customers, and protect your company in case of inspection or sanitary crisis. 

•    Make food traceability more reliable 

•    Standardize your brand processes and quality requirements

•    Improve transparency and business performance 

•    Get real-time insight of your activity 

•    Spread food safety culture upon your organization

Included DOH, FDA inspections checklist: site managers can verify brand standards application and legal compliancy with food safety requirements.


They believe in Eezytrace 


simplify your employees work 

 "Team members are key for controls and traceability reliability, but still do not have appropriate tools to work efficiently: EEZYTRACE is simple and really helps the users". 


make quality easy & operations more efficient

"EEZYTRACE allows our brand to be more flexible, our operations more performing: we can customize every single check, by site or country, and modify them remotely from our offices in a few clicks". 

monitor your activity proactively thanks to centralized real-time data 

"From my office or when I'm away, I can access all the detailed data from a restaurant or a store. I can see strategic KPI's and dashboards, and even predictive indicators !!" 




EEZYTRACE is fully adaptable to any type of organization: here's the power of infinite customization. 


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