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For who ? 

                                 FOOD RETAILERS                                              FOOD STORES

                        HYPER & SUPERMARKETS                                       WHOLESALERS




  • Chilling controls
  • Cleaning & Disinfection monitoring 
  • Opened products management & short BBE dates
  • Cooked meals and aisles products quality inspection 
  • Cooking and Hot Holding control
  • Equipment maintenance and management
  • Audits checklists 
  • Aisles management
    (meat counter, deli counter, fish counter, ...)
  • Delivery / Suppliers  checks
  • Bar code or labelling traceability
  • Shelf lives and FIFO management
  • Storage temperature checks
  • GAP tracking
  • Mobile fridges management 
  • Declaration of allergens

“We dramatically reduced our food wastage thanks to the shelf lives management with short BBE dates alerts.”
“My team members are happy to use a fun and sharp app every day!”
“Now I know the aisles are clean, products are safe and my money has never been spent so well”.