"La Commune": perfect place for gourmands and entrepreneurs

Culture, food, entrepreneurship and diversity: these are the 4 pillars of La Commune, a real village of epicurean entrepreneurs who were given the chance to test their restaurant project over 1 year.

The Commune presents itself as an incubator of culinary concepts in which 15 entrepreneurs can test the project of a lifetime without heavy financial investments. An accompanying program led by an experienced chef is offered to all residents, both to help their project succeed, and to bring out a collaborative spirit between resident cooks.

In March, come and taste each other's cuisine while admiring exhibitions and enjoying an artistic program that reflects the cuisine served: local, original and surprising.

"At the Commune, it's simple: we favor local and artisanal products. An authentic, family-like setting where curious and good-natured can mingle with the artists while giving a helping hand to the budding restaurant owners, the "mister everyone" who demanded a greater happiness from the visitors."

A "giant village in which we share the good mood with an improbable tribe around a kitchen of inspired chefs". Rendez-vous at the end of March in the 7th district of Lyon to discover this beautiful project, full of flavors and humanity.

PS: write to enterlibres@lacommune.co to be part of this great adventure!

EEZYTRACE, official partner of La Commune

Margaux Bourgeat